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Timeline of our activities and achievements


FOUR PAWS is committed to bringing an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia 

Every year, millions of dogs and cats are killed for their meat, making the trade arguably one of the most severe companion animal welfare issues in Asia. 

FOUR PAWS is committed to bringing an end to the cruel dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia through government collaboration, supporting local stray animal care programs, rescues, and bringing awareness to the trade.

Timeline of our activities and achievements

FOUR PAWS Closes Major Slaughterhouse In Cambodia!

March 2021: FOUR PAWS Closes Major Slaughterhouse In Cambodia!

We close an infamous dog slaughterhouse in Skun, Cambodia, and rescuing the 16 remaining dogs held there. See what happened.

Slaughterhouse-bound minivan carrying 61 dogs intercepted in Cambodia

FEBRUARY 2021: Slaughterhouse-bound minivan carrying 61 dogs intercepted in Cambodia

The dogs were on their way to be slaughtered in Kampong Cham for their meat. FOUR PAWS teamed up with local organisations to provide emergency feeding and medication for the 61 rescued dogs. Read more here.

Meat market in Indonesia

FEBRUARY 2021: A Global Health Risk

Read the FOUR PAWS Dog and Cat Meat Trade Health report here!


DECEMBER 2020: The cat slaughterhouse is now shut down!

The sign is taken down, the 20 cats and 5 dogs are out and in our care, and no animal will ever have to die at the former slaughterhouse in Thai Binh, Vietnam. Read more!

DECEMBER 2020: ONE MILLION people worldwide have signed our petition to #ProtectMillions of animals from the dog and cat meat trade!

We’ve achieved incredible things in the last year for cats and dogs in Southeast Asia, none of which would have been possible without your help. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to every one of you who has signed and shared our petition.

AUGUST 2020: Release of a Report and video on The Cat Meat Trade in Vietnam

FOUR PAWS and Change For Animals Foundation published a first-of-its-kind report on Vietnam’s cat meat trade in EnglishGerman and Vietnamese. This video, from footage collected during the investigation, was also released. 

Dog Daisy

AUGUST 2020: FOUR PAWS shuts down dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia critical to the trade

Thousands of dogs are spared a gruesome death by drowning, choking, and asphyxiation. Read our press release here!

Read the story of the rescued dogs here!

FEBRUARY 2020: We release groundbreaking report on the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Southeast Asia

We released a first-of-its-kind report on the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Southeast Asia in English, German Vietnamese and Khmer, bringing attention to the scale, illegal workings and health risks of the dog and cat meat trade. 
We met with the deputy governor and multiple officials of the government of Siem Reap, home to the world-famous Angkor Wat, and present our report. The government agrees to look into the trade and ways of addressing the issues it poses. 

Read this Sydney Morning Herald article about the report.

FEBRUARY 2020: We launch our campaign film

Our campaign film, telling the tragic stories of pets stolen from their owners for the trade, launches internationally, including in Vietnam and Cambodia.

FEBRUARY 2020: Petition reaches 500,000 signatures 

Our petition reaches 500,000 signatures in less than five months. Sign our petition now and #ProtectMillions!


OCTOBER 2019: Closure of a slaughterhouse in Cambodia

We close a slaughterhouse in Takeo province, Cambodia, where 2,000 dogs were killed every year, helping the restaurant owner to move to a cruelty-free business farming rice and selling water. We rescue 10 dogs during this closure, and rehabilitate them over the coming months. Read our press release here!

OCTOBER 2019: Launch of the petition and our campaign

We launch our petition and campaign page urging the governments of Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam to take action against the trade, aiming for 1 million signatures. Sign our petition now and #ProtectMillions!

SEPTEMBER 2019: We launch Program Dharma with the Bali Animal Welfare Association

Program Dharma will work to investigate and fight the Dog Meat Trade and improve Stray Animal Care in Bali. Read more here!

SEPTEMBER 2019: Interception of 51 dogs destined for the meat trade by authorities in Thanh Hoa province in Vietnam

On-the-ground medical care is provided to rescued dogs by the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (of which FOUR PAWS is a member). Read more here!

JULY 2019: In Bali 77 stalls selling dog meat have been closed

In Bali, Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination, a total of 77 stalls selling dog meat have been closed, with the authorities stating that they will continue to take action against those who continue to trade in and sell dog meat. The Head of Animal Health stated that the sale of dog meat is 'clearly prohibited (by law) because dog meat is not considered food' and the trade has the 'potential to spread the dangerous rabies virus'.  Get more details here.

JUNE 2019: Indonesia's Regency of Karanganyar in Java pledges an action plan to end its brutal dog meat trade, saving almost 2,000 dogs each month from slaughter

The action plan involves closing 21 stalls selling dog meat in the regency, and the creation of alternative livelihoods for people currently reliant on the trade. Read more here!

JUNE 2019: FOUR PAWS holds 'Hero Dogs' workshop on the dog meat trade, with our government partner Cambodian Mine Action Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

For the first time in Cambodia, more than 70 participants from key government agencies and important stakeholders met to discuss the important role dogs play in Khmer society and commit to tackling the dog meat trade.

MAY 2019: FOUR PAWS partners with Jakarta Animal Aid Network

The first of its kind in Indonesia, an online educational toolkit will provide desperately needed resources on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership for the general public, teachers, and students throughout the country.


DECEMBER 2018: FOUR PAWS signs MOU with Cambodian Mine Action Centre to end the dog meat trade in Cambodia

Government officials begin to recognise the importance of ending the trade for human health and animal welfare. Get more details here.

DECEMBER 2018: FOUR PAWS starts 'Cats Matter Too program' alongside Vietnamese partners

This exciting program in Central Vietnam collaborates with local groups Vietnam Cat Welfare in Hoi An and PAWS for Compassion in Da Nang to tackle the cruel cat meat trade. Read more here!

OCTOBER 2018: FOUR PAWS' Indonesian team holds a medical clinic in Manado, Indonesia

The clinic provides vital medical care to dogs and cats at the ​Animal Friends Manado Indonesia shelter, many of whom had been rescued from the extreme live animal markets of Tomohon. During the clinic, a total of 64 dogs and cats were sterilised and ​provided medical care. 

SEPTEMBER 2018: Indonesian government pledges to take action against dog meat trade

After lobbying and public campaigns by 'Dog Meat Free Indonesia', of which FOUR PAWS is a member, the Indonesia government issues a directive to provinces to end the dog meat trade.

SEPTEMBER 2018: In Hanoi, Vietnam officials report dog meat sales will be banned in the city center by 2021

This announcement is a positive step forward in ending the trade, but FOUR PAWS continues to work to ensure action is taken to protect Vietnam's cats and dogs.

JUNE 2018: FOUR PAWS launches Saving Pagoda Animals program in Cambodia

In collaboration with Animal Rescue Cambodia, FOUR PAWS provides veterinary training, free spay/neuter services and animal welfare education initiatives targeting Buddhist pagodas in the capital city of Phnom Penh. Read more here!

Dogs resced by FOUR PAWS

Finding Hope

Saving individual animals will not end the trade, but it will change the lives forever of the animals who we are able to rescue.

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